Your windshield might look like a simple piece of glass, but it can actually be filled with a lot of technology. New ADAS windshields utilize advanced features, such as: radar, cameras, computer imaging, sensors, networking, and other devices to help create a safer driving experience. That is why ensuring your Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) equipped windshield is recalibrated after it has been repaired or replaced when damaged is so important.

Why Have Your Windshield Recalibrated?

You should always have your ADAS equipped windshield recalibrated after having it repaired or replaced.  ADAS cameras control such systems as blind spot monitors, collision avoidance systems, driver drowsiness detection, and lane departure systems. All of these features mean a safer vehicle for you and your family. It is important that the windshield replacement be seamless to insure these safety features remain in tact.

The Importance Of Having A Professional Do The Job.

Even if you are not seeing a warning light after replacing your windshield, the camera could be out of calibration.  AAA recommends using OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) windshield, to ensure it was manufactured to the same exact specs as the original. Therefore, an aftermarket windshield may be slightly different and the ADAS will not work correctly. A misaligned camera will interfere with the operation of the ADAS system and potentially cause an accident or injury.  It is important to call a glass company that is experienced in windshield recalibration. 

 Let Tim Wilson’s Glass install the windshield correctly for you the first time! 

Be sure your ADAS windshield recalibration is done properly by having it installed by a reputable company such as Tim Wilson’s Glass. Our employees strictly follow all of the safety guidelines and regulations required when making any changes to your vehicle. At Tim Wilson’s Glass, we guarantee that your door glass, quarter glass, windshield, vent glass, or back glass fit properly. Our expert team will give you and your vehicle the special personalized attention and care you deserve. Give us a call at 843-280-1118 to discuss your windshield needs in the Grand Strand Area or simply complete our online form.